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B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Korea Univ.
intelligent Bio-MEMS Laboratory (iBML)

MS&Ph.D Integration Course in Computer Engineering, Korea Univ.
Data Mining and Imformation Systems Laboratory (DMIS)

Interests :

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Vision, Signal Proccessing


  • Yonggyu Park, Junhyun Lee, Yookyung Koh, Inyeop Lee, Jinhyuk Lee and Jaewoo Kang,
    “Typeface Completion with Generative Adversarial Networks”, arxiv.1811 (preprint)
  • Hwejin Jung, Bumsoo Kim, Inyeop Lee, Junhyun Lee and Jaewoo Kang,
    “Classification of lung nodules in CT scans using three-dimensional deep convolutional neural networks with a checkpoint ensemble method”, BMC Medical Imaging
  • Hwejin Jung, Bumsoo Kim, Inyeop Lee, Minhwan Yoo, Junhyun Lee, Sooyoun Ham, Okhee Woo and Jaewoo Kang
    “Detection of masses in mammograms using a one-stage object detector based on a deep convolutional neural network”, PLOS ONE Vol. 13 No. 9 Pages 1-16 Sep 2018

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Wechat ID : Ant_LJH